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Historically, a thin gauged stone or porcelain would not be considered for many exterior applications, especially in wet and cold climates. If they were used, the installation would require multiple installation steps to address water penetration and collection, a heavy concrete slab for stability, mud-set or thin-set bonding and final grout and grout sealing.

And if the installation was to be successful over time, regular grout maintenance and sealing was required to ensure zero moisture penetration. If invisible micro-cracks in grout lines did occur, future failure was assured. And unfortunately, a repair required complete removal and a reinstall.

Outdoor Floor System® was developed to address these issues and create new installation options previously not considered or not possible. The requirements were simple:


lightweight structural flooring panel, inert to moisture, cuttable, bondable, low deflection, negligible creep and expansion-contraction


non-cement based bond, inert to moisture, mold and mildew, remaining flexible during all temperature conditions to eliminate bond fracturing


full line of structural components enabling system use in all outdoor flooring conditions from residential decking to rooftop terraces


surface condition that would allow its native uncovered use or unlimited user selected surfacing materials for maximum creative flexibility

easy to use

user friendly system sophisticated enough to meet the demands of architects and engineers yet simple enough to be installed by a DIYer

maximum creativity

a zero maintenance solution to support maximum creativity, functionality and durability foster more enjoyable outdoor living

This is exactly what we deliver in every Outdoor Floor System® assembly. As you consider those outdoor spaces, places and rooms you enjoy alone, with friends or the community, you can now remove the old boundaries of your creativity. Throw off the constraints of traditional cement based mortars, grouts or adhesives. Break away from the weight of heavy slab pavers. Lift off the old look of composite or wood decking. It's time to lay down the historic beauty of natural stone or re-constituted stone tile and pavers and achieve maximum durability with the Outdoor Floor System®. Or expand your thinking to consider mixed-media landscape surfaces in elevated platforms with the same creativity unleashed in on-grade conditions.

This is a solutions based design. Our focus has always been creating engineered parts that provide the best tools to Architects, Contractors and Owners; tools that enhance design but don’t compete with established creativity. It’s for this reason that our solution lies below your creativity, supporting your surface material selection of choice. We work below the scene while your design creativity shines above.

So let's consider some of the application conditions for which Outdoor Floor System® provides a new solution.

  • 1
    On Grade Patio
    Place over broken concrete or compacted gravel and never worry about another cracked patio surface.
  • 2
    Elevated Joist Framed Deck
    Light enough to replace wood or composite decking converting the deck to a stone terrace.
  • 3
    Uniformed Slope Waterproofed Deck
    Float over waterproofing without heavy mud or concrete.
  • 4
    Condo Balcony
    Float over balcony surface without destroying condo building and property.
  • 5
    Building Rooftop
    Create a level flooring with mixed media surfaces for small gatherings or large groups.
  • 6
    High-Wind Uplift
    Secure the flooring system to bearing surface for all applications to resist high-wind uplift loads.

Our small steps development and small part integration is a tried and tested technology. Wherever an outdoor floor, patio, deck, raised decking or rooftop terrace is required, Outdoor Floor System® has a solution. And for those conditions where traditional pedestal supported slab pavers or pedestal supported joist framing are required, we have a new solution for that also. We provide the support, you provide the surface. Select your System Package and get started creating your outdoor living space.

How we got to where we are

Company Timeline

Product concept to support stone and porcelain tiles on a deck


First product system introduction as GRATEDEX® at regional trade show


Product introduction sells through with positive interest


System focus shifts to assembly components for user selected surface finish


Introduction of first edition support plate and new branding under Outdoor Floor System


PierdeX™ underlayment panel introduced for simple pedestal supported installs


Company is operating under the name deXsystems™


Evaluation and strategic planning to consider future market position


Component branding reaffirmed as critical to quality control


Product use expanded with a larger national reach


Company name change to ODF Inc. and consolidated branding of Outdoor Floor System®


Introduction of NEW system redesign and pedestal assembly under elePHOOT® brand


ODF Roadshow connects with Architects and Contractors across the US


ODF confirms its support for mixed media materials in rooftop terrace living spaces


New approaches to delivering solutions to Architects, Contractors and Customers


Advanced prodcut testing completed and available in new Technical Data webpage


Lauched new FrameVent® product and refined elePHOOT® system components



quality runs through our business model from product design, service to shipping. Outdoor Floor System® creates quality exterior flooring components but doesn’t stop there. All orders are prepared, secured and marked to deliver to the order destination via LTL freight, common carrier with best handling practices.

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