elePHOOT®–pronounced eleFOOT– is a comprehensive exterior, structural flooring system. Unlike it’s sibling, GRATEDEX®, this Outdoor Floor System® has multiple components for a far greater variety of assembly packages to fit a greater variety of application conditions.

This is a new approach and a new level of outdoor flooring sophistication. Many companies produce pedestals. Many produce slab pavers, porcelain slabs or grates. elePHOOT® Outdoor Floor System® is the only outdoor structural flooring system that combines all of the necessary components in one package with a "patent pending” interlocking design. No longer do gravity flooring surfaces shift over time. Instead, all flooring pieces are interlocked to create a monolithic outdoor flooring with all pieces held in position by the other.

So the elePHOOT® Outdoor Floor System® with its pins, planks, plates, pedestals, screws, fasteners and adhesives has an assembly package that can address on grade applications, timber framed decks, rooftop terraces, public access walks, pool-side deck or many other applications you might encounter. Although used primarily for commercial, multiuser, mixed use or pedestal applications, many residential applications choose this option for it’s fit and finish.

Like the GRATEDEX® system, what makes this a stand alone in the industry is the systems ability to receive a glue-bonded thin-gauge porcelain or natural stone tile; no mud-set, no thin-set, no special pans, no grout. This is the only system that provides a permanent flexible bond with positive through-the-floor drainage. And did we say light weight at 10-15 psf depending on tile selection. Get even more creative and free lay modular pavers in any pattern or orientation.

So place elePHOOT® over a waterproof surface, joist framing or span those difficult situations with the architectural finish of your choice.

Engineered component parts
to provided big solutions.

Here is how one installation assembly might be completed

  • 01.

    Review existing rooftop decking or sub-decking and waterproofing conditions. Adequate structural support is required. In most cases, all roof top decks are designed for normal foot traffic.

  • 02.

    Set the pedestal assembly and elePHOOT® EP01 Floor Plank over the waterproofing. This system makes only 4-points of contact. This allows the finished floor to float over surface projections to create a level rooftop floor over an uneven surface. No penetrations.

  • 03.

    Surface with stone, tile or pavers for a stone deck, tile deck or paver deck. Get creative! Select the stone or tile of your choice from your local supplier. Apply the Hold-Tite® adhesive for a glue-bond installation or dry-lay paver grade material. No grouting allowing water to drain through to the surface below. Get creative and add some artificial for a truly "green roof”, outdoor floor.

  • 04.

    Relax and enjoy your outdoor living space and new elePHOOT® Outdoor Floor System®.


The quality of the design can often be unintentionally sacrificed with inferior supporting elements. Outdoor Floor System® components and assemblies are engineered to provide the most durable support to challenging and creative site conditions and the highest quality surface finishes.

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